Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life


As is the case with all form of arts, music also evokes Gods and Demons within us. Beethoven expressed love in initial Symphony; anguish of fading hearing power in the later Symphonies; and, ultimately found peace with himself by producing the 9th Symphony.

In ancient times, music was patronised by temples, churches and other holy shrines. In medieval period, it found patronage of the royalties. The classical and the romantic eras were the golden years of music – never before had the musicians and musical forms evolved so much. These forms have ever since been reproduced, blended, copied. To explore this period is the challenge for musicians of contemporary period.

In the twentieth century, music became the expression of unemployment, discrimination, social hypocrisy, emotional vacuum, disintegrating social / family structure and loneliness. Pop, rock, jazz, rap emerged worldwide in different forms and keeping with the times, Electronic Dance Music has arrived.

Navrasa Duende would always keep it simple. Popular music which survives 50 years has nostalgic value; once it survives 100 years, it becomes classical. Every era will express itself in some form of music, some will remain relevant to only that era, and others which are timeless, eternal, & universal, will last forever.

Nobody but your ear orgasm should decide which is a good music for you. As a music lover, go and invent your own ear orgasm range. We would love to bring all varieties to you, and engage with you in taking this journey forward.

We as a production house and music event company, bring wide forms of music including all genres of indian, western, jazz, rock music concerts for the benefit of the global audience.