Our knowledge has made us cynical

Charlie Chaplin

In the last century, Cinema has been the biggest source of entertainment for billions of people. This is one medium of expression which uses all stretches of imagination, story, poetry writing, photography, music, dance, craft work, illusion making….

Navrasa Duende believes in the institutions created by likes of Chaplin, David Lean, Satyajit Ray, Kurusawa, Spielberg who could transport us to their world of infinite nature and tiny human beings. At the end of their movies, conflicts of the tiny human beings emerge out bigger than the infinite nature.

“In Feature Films Director is God, In Documentary Films God is the Director”, Alfred Hitchcock.

Yes! God is truthful, documentaries are credible only if they are truthful. Navrasas Duende’s quest for raising humanitarian issues is the reason for our keenness to pursue production of documentaries.

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