I call architecture frozen music

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Navrasa Duende believes in creating interiors to represent the users, aesthetically, emotionally, spiritually, functionally, providing with the best balance of form and function, modernism and class, seductive and mythical. The furnishings should communicate to each other as well as to the exteriors. An interior which has element of agelessness. Small loose changes should be able to transform the space from the private frozen moment to play it all…

Navrasa Duende believes that each one of us express ourselves and make a statement through choice of our interiors Navrasas Duende believes that user spaces need to connect with the nature. The surrounding should provide private use spaces. There should be a story which continues from inside to the outside, and gives a world of your own – a world cut off from the outside, well engulfed in rich natural surroundings. At the same time, it keeps the openings in balance to suit your sensibilities. All balcony and courtyard spaces should integrate outside landscape, water bodies etc. to give the impact of heaven within heaven!

Navrasa Duende believes that when it comes to solo art, nothing can replace reproduction of artiste’s three dimensional frozen imagination. Historical discoveries could not have been the same without sculptures. We will collaborate with the studios around the world to promote sculpture.