The inception of the Navrasa Duende has its roots in strong belief of its founders in globally promoting performing arts, visual & fine arts, literary arts of all genres, including modern, traditional, classical, and popular forums. The quest to explore diverse cultures and art forms, introduce them to global audiences, and create an impact on the lives of people is at the core of our activities.

We conceive, create, design, manage, and promote unique productions of live entertainment across the world in a wholesome way, covering music, dance, theatre, cinematic arts, visual arts, literature, tourism, and at times blending multiple genres. We strive to foster an environment of thriving creativity through collaborations with esteemed artists and veteran performers. We plan to reach a wide audience around the world by using a disruptive and innovative approach aided by state-of-the-art technologies. We aim to discover and promote young talent from the far-reaching corners of the globe.

We will provide an online platform with information on current arts and entertainment events worldwide. Our goal is to integrate arts and entertainment coverage on social media platforms and provide an exhaustive databank to art enthusiasts.

With support from the central and state governments institutions of India, as well as institutes and universities around the world, we will promote the cultural exchanges between nations and entertain audiences through carnivals and festivals.

Allowing Freedom of Expression is one of core founding principles of Navrasa Duende and we aim to support by organizing seminars on contemporary issues and support active forums on the subject. We provide platform to artists to express, perform, and showcase their artistic flair.

We are setting up Arts and Entertainment themed Parks / Complexes globally providing complete getaway to people for intellectual, physical, spiritual and fun experience.