Dinesh B. Singh
Founder, Navrasa Duende

A successful entrepreneur and technocrat, Dinesh is a veteran in the business arena and an ardent patron of the arts. He is the Managing Director of the Energo Group and the Founder of Energo Engineering Projects Limited (EEPL). An engineer by profession, he worked on several important international projects in the initial years of his career. Following his return to India, he combined his entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of the engineering & manufacturing industry to establish the Energo Group.

In his early years, Dinesh was an active member of the IPTA and Dishanter theatre groups. During this time, he was mentored by the likes of renowned playwright and critic S. M. Mehdi (then the president of IPTA) and B. M. Shah (former Director of the National School of Drama). He won awards at numerous national level theatre competitions for his playwriting, acting, and directorial skills.

Dinesh is a music, theatre, film and visual art enthusiast and believes that art transcends all linguistic and geographical boundaries. He enjoys both eastern as well as western forms of art and has keen sense of aesthetics. He personally believes that any form of artistic endeavor, irrespective of language and geography, can be an excellent source of entertainment for people and bring them closure to other cultures and societies around the world. His love for the arts has led Dinesh to endorse Navrasa Duende, an initiative that aims to curate and promote commercial and niche arts from around the world. Through this venture, he aims to foster a special connection between artists and audiences globally and provide a unique entertainment experience to everyone involved.

Jaya Singh
Founder, Navrasa Duende

Dr Jaya Singh is doctorate in psychology, an experienced banker and first generation entrepreneur and promoter Director of Energo Group.

She comes from a family where arts of various form are practiced. The surroundings in which she was brought up did not compel or impose appreciation & practice of arts rather, life was unimaginable without it. Her grandmother was president of Maris College of Music Lucknow (now Bhatkhande Sangeet Mahavidyalaya) , her uncle learnt to play Pakhawaj from Pandit Sakharam and painting from Sarada Ukil. Her mother was a drawing and painting graduate. In their family anecdotes Talat Mehmood is described as that skinny boy with a silken voice who sang for all India Radio performed for our private evenings. Begum Akhtar- ala – Akhtari Bai Faizabadi apparently performed in all the weddings which took place in the family.

Art is in her genetics, she has this uncanny ability to find and appreciate the silver linings in every situation and to address to the situation in a manner that the negatives take a back seat. She can enjoy the small things in life herself and present them to people around her so that these small insignificant things become meaningful, vibrant desirable and worthy of being relished.

Those princely days are gone but the genes with inbuilt instincts to appreciate all forms of art and provide patronage to it, is intact. Through her participation in Navrasa Duende, she aspires to spread happiness through arts and create and build up a community of likeminded people, who propogate their philosophy.