Until the 17th century, there was no distinction between music, visual arts, engineering, and other such disciplines. Everything that exhibited creativity was considered a form of art. The entire range of creativity was arts, and boundaries were not drawn between music, paintings, engineering, architecture, sculpture, etc. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vivaldi, Kalidasa, Tansen, Galileo, Newton, Archimedes and likes had a lot in common, and were valued and acknowledged for having power of mind, infinite creativity, intuitive ability, and a child’s curiosity.

Navrasa Duende still subscribes to the school of thought that each one of us possesses creative instincts. It is all about finding the right expression!

We globally promote arts and entertainment in a very holistic way, covering music, dance, theatre, cinematic arts, performing & visual arts, fashion, literature, architecture, and wellness.

Our arts and entertainment quest to explore, research, innovate and break boundaries encompassed cultural, historical, and geographical shifts. If one tries to sum up the types, forms, and contents of arts and its impact on mankind, infinity is the easy and only answer. Our endeavor is to add a few drops to this infinite ocean.

All forms of arts and entertainment evoke Demons and Gods within us and the experience is to differentiate Gods from Demons or vice versa. Artists and critics thrive on exploiting harnessing our dilemma. We believe such dilemmas are not vulnerabilities, but strength in our intellectual and emotional pursuit. Navrasa Duende would like to share your quest and make your dilemma even more interesting.

We pursue Navrasas and create Duende out of it.